Add More Features To Your Gmail Account Using MxHero Toolbox for Chrome

Recently Google made few changes in Gmail’s look and the options. They have categorized the inbox into Primary, Social and Promotional. Also they have changed the mail compose window and much  more. To add more functionality to Gmail, there are plenty of third party extensions available for Chrome. Previously I wrote about an extension to share your inbox. Today I came with an extension called “MxHero Toolbox”, to add more controls and functions to your Gmail account.


You can download MxHero Toolbox from the Chrome web store using the link below. Once you install the extension, it will not show up any icons in the front, it will be running in the background. Just refresh your Gmail account, if you have logged in already. As soon you refresh your Gmail account, you can  see a new window with instructions to use the application. Actually it adds five new functions to your Gmail account. It includes tracking an email, self destruction, Private delivery, send email on a particular time and reminder to get a reply.


When you open a compose window in your Gmail account, you can see the “MxHero” icon near to the send button. Click that to see options in the extension. The window will look similar to the screenshot above. Select the options you need to include in your mail by clicking on the icons. The first option “Click Track”, will track the emails you have sent and will let you know when the email was opened.


The second option “Self Destruct” is an excellent feature, which helps you  to create a Self destructing email. By default the email will be deleted in five minutes after it is opened. The entire email is treated as an image and will be deleted automatically. Third option “Private Delivery” will be very helpful if you are sending the same mail to multiple recipients. It will hide the other recipient’s email ids included in the mail.

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Send Later will help you to schedule the email on a particular date and time. Last option “Reply Timeout” will let you assign a reminder for an email you have sent. If the concerned person didn’t reply within the time you have specified, this feature will send you a reminder email. Watch the video tutorial below to understand more about the application.

It is an excellent app to supercharge your Gmail account. Try this app on your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download MxHero Toolbox for Chrome



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