Notegraphy: A Text Based Mini Social Network To Express Your Creativity

Next to online gaming, social networking sites are the most accessed websites in the Internet. We have plenty of popular social networking web apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. In that list we have a web app called “Notegraphy”, a text based mini social network. This app is completely focused on expressing your writing skills in a creative way. In Instagram, we take a photo, apply filters and post it on the timeline. Same process here, write your text or quote, apply a design template and post it on your timeline.


Notegraphy is now available as a web app and as a mobile application for iOS devices. To start using the application, either you having to sign up with your email id or log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you create an account, you will be redirected to a dashboard as shown in the screenshot below. First you have to type you own text in the blank space. You can write even paragraphs of text and customize it using the application. Number of words, paragraphs and pages in the note will be displayed on the left corner of the screen. Once you complete your text, click the “Style it” button on the right corner of the screen.


In the style section, you can add different templates to your text using the left side bar on the screen. A sample edited texture is shown in the screenshot below. If you want to edit text in the middle of styling, you can go back using the “Edit this note” button on the left top corner. After completing your design, click “Publish” on the right top corner to post the note on your wall.

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After you click “Publish” you can see a window pop up on your screen as shown in the screenshot below. In which you can add the title and tags for the note you have created. You can easily enable or disable the comments and make the note private/public using the “Privacy options”. Feature your best notes on gallery for public view. Click on the social icons below to connect and share the notes on different social accounts. Even after you publish the post, you can edit the text and change the styles of your note easily.


The interface  is very simple and easy to understand. In the top menu bar of the application, you can see an option called “Explore” which helps you to see all the popular notes around Notegraphy. Under your profile in the menu, you can see your gallery of notes, option to make a new note and settings of the application to add/edit your account details. In settings, you can also connect your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts to share your notes instantly. You can see some of the famous artists on Notegraphy using the “Artists” option in the menu bar.


It is an excellent web application for people who have good writing skills. Try the web app and iPhone app in your device and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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