Amazon’s Cloud Player is Now Available for Mac with Offline Support

Now a days many cloud services started embedding music players to listen to user’s favorite music on the go. Few weeks before, I wrote about a chrome extension to convert your Google drive account into a personal music service. Some of the cloud services have this feature by default, you can carry the data as well as listen to songs easily. In that one of the best Cloud services is the Amazon’s Cloud drive embedded with a Cloud Player. Amazon is one of the best shopping sites in the world where you can purchase MP3 songs and save in your Cloud drive account.

All those songs can be accessed from the web app and from the desktop application. Previously the desktop client was available only for Windows. Earlier this week Amazon team has introduced its new desktop application for Mac OS X with offline support.


The new desktop app is made simpler than the previous versions and the music library will be updated as soon as the purchase is made. You can download the desktop application, using the link below. Once you install and log in to your account, the entire library of music will be synced with your desktop app. Also you can add songs from your local machine and sync with your online library. Another new feature introduced in desktop apps is the offline support.


In previous versions, you need an Internet connection to stream and sync the music from online library. Now you don’t need a network connection to listen to your music library. Once the sync is complete, you can enjoy the music from your PC on the go. Also you can add music to your library when you are offline and it will be synced later when you get a network connection. The new instant search feature, lets you search and find the songs quicker than before, also you can listen to the songs right from the search results.

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It perfectly syncs with all the media players like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. You can sync songs from those players and add it to your Amazon music library. Also if you prefer to use other media players, you can easily export songs from the Amazon’s desktop application. It is pretty fast and size of the application is less as compared to other media players.

If you are looking for an alternative to your existing media players, Amazon’s Cloud Player is a best choice. It gives both online and offline support. So try this new desktop app on your PC or Mac and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.


Download Amazon’s Cloud Player for PC and Mac




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