5 Best Apps to Manage Files and Folders on Android

Compared to other mobile operating systems, Android has best file exploring applications. Using the inbuilt File Manager, user can access, modify and delete all the files and folders in the device. Especially in rooted devices, user can access all the system files and modify them easily. The inbuilt file manager has some limitations and that’s why we go for third party apps to manages files and folders in Android devices.


There are plenty of file managers available in play store which helps users to easily manage all the files and folders in their Android device. These file managers lets you connect with other communication apps on your device and helps you share them easily. I’ve handpicked few best file managing apps for Android and the app list is as follows.

Fylee File Manager

Fylee is an excellent file manager with beautiful interface. You can access the Phone storage and SD Card data easily using the application. In just a swipe you can access all the files and folders in your device. Two important highlights of the application is, you can select different files from your device and compress into ZIP format easily using the application. If you want to email a set of compressed files you can do it right from the Fylee. Another important option is, it supports different file sharing options like Bluetooth,WiFi and through other apps installed on your mobile phone.


Uncopt File Browser

Uncopt File Browser is much more than a file manager application. You can access all the system files and your personal data in a single place. It is a must have application for rooted devices also for non-rooted devices it brings plenty of options to manage the data. In Settings of the application, you can enable “Super User” mode to mount and unmount the memory storages in your device. Also you can show/hide the hidden files in Settings. Another important feature is, you can connect the application to Dropbox, Google drive and other local networks (LAN) using plugins for the application.

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File Wrangler

File Wrangler is a simple file manager app for Android. You can just swipe and access all the files and folders in your device. Tap and hold on the files to get more options to edit/delete it. There is a swipeable sidebar in the application to access all folders in the internal storage. It contains movies, music, pictures, etc. You can also access root files right from the application using the arrow (^) on the top of the menu. In the root menu you can mount or unmount the SD Cards. It is completely free and there won’t be any ads displayed in the application.


OI File Manager

OI File Manager is one of the popular apps for android. The interface of the application is very simple and easy to understand. It will show you the thumbnail of images inside the app, so that you don’t need to open all the images to find the one you need. This app will perfectly sync with your Gmail app and helps you to attach files and send them in email. Also it will act as a extension for other communication apps in your device. It supports most of the file extensions and helps you open, edit and delete those files right from the application.


Android Zip File Manager

Android Zip File Manager is an excellent application with awesome zip compression features. If you frequently send multiple documents or files from your Android device, then this app is an excellent choice. You have an option called “Multi” in the home screen which helps you to create encrypted ZIP files from the application. Also you can adjust the level of compression in the application settings. It has an inbuilt app manager which lets you take a data backup of different apps installed in your device. Also monitor the CPU performance and kill the unwanted apps right from the application.

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If I have missed any of your favorite file manager apps for Android, please let me know. Try your favorite apps from the list above and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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