Bring Back Google’s Black Bar Below the Omnibox using Proper Menubar

The Black bar below the Omnibox (URL bar) in Google page was very useful to navigate between different Google services. Recently Google updated its search page and added a  new apps section as a replacement for the menu bar. Even though we have all the apps in that drop down box, the old menu bar was pretty convenient for all the users. Previously I wrote about a Chrome extension to bring back the Classic mail compose window in Gmail. Today I came with  an extension called “Proper Menubar” to bring back the old black menubar below the omnibox in Google search page.


Proper Menubar is available for Chrome and Firefox. You can download it using the link at the end of this post. Once you install the app, you can see the extension’s icon near to your URL bar in Chrome and in the bottom of the screen in Firefox. That icon is used to enable and disable the extension in your browser. If you click that icon you can see a button “Proper Menubar is ON”. Click that button to enable and disable the menu bar in your Google search page.


Using this extension won’t affect any of the Google updates and Google Apps on the search page. You can also customize the “Proper Menubar” application. Go to Settings -> Extensions -> Proper Menubar  -> Options. There you will see a window as shown in the screenshot below. In the first section “Basics” you can edit contents on the black menu bar. Exclude the unwanted links from the menu easily. At the end of the page you have an option to display that black menu bar in all the webpages you visit.

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In the designs section, you can change the background and opacity of the menu bar displayed. Also you can change the country website code of the application. This custom menu bar will restore the links from Google services and from some of the important web services. By enabling the option to show this bar in all the websites you visit, it will make the options handy and open any Google service instantly. Even you change monitors, this app will work fine. It works great on HDPI screens.


If you really miss that black menu bar on Google home page, then Proper Menubar is a must have extension in your browser. Try this app in your browsers and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Proper Menubar for Google Chrome

Download Proper Menubar for Firefox



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