View Multiple Timezones in Windows for Free

More and more people are working on a global scale — I work with people on three different continents, for example. This means that time differences are more important than ever. We need to know what the time is in other parts of the word; after all you don’t want to make a Skype call to someone on the other side of the world and wake them up at 4 in the morning!

Windows includes an easy way to keep an eye on the time in up to two other time zones. This is an extremely useful feature for anyone working on a global scale and it does not require the installation of any additional software.

To get started, click the clock in the notification area of the taskbar and then click the Change date and time link in the popup that appears.


On the first tab, Date and Time, you should make sure that your current timezone and time are set correctly.


Now you can move to the Additional Clocks tab where you can figure one or two extra clocks as required. Click the first of the Show this clock check boxes and then use the drop down menu to choose the timezone you’re interested in. You can also assign a label to the clock to make it easier to identify.


If you have a need for yet another clock, tick the second Show this clock check boxes and repeat the process of setting the timezone and label.


With everything configured, click the OK button.

There are now a couple of ways in which you can view the extra clock when you need them. The first option is to click the notification area clock and you’ll see a large popup complete with all of the clocks you have configured.

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The second option does even require a click — just hover the mouse over the taskbar clock and a tooltip popup appears with a quick summary that you can take in at a glance.


Having these clocks on hand is immensely useful, and a great alternative to checking the time online.



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