New Update for AdBlock Plus Blocks All the Annoying Features on Facebook

AdBlock Plus is one of the best extensions for browsers to block the unwanted pop-up ads and other annoying ads displayed in the websites. Once you install the app, it will hide all the ads in a webpage and will give you a good readability. The new update for AdBlock Plus (ABP) has introduced an interesting feature to customize the ads displayed in your Facebook account. By default, ABP will block all the sidebar ads and suggestion posts displayed on your wall but this update will hide some more annoyances like Pages you may like, Rate these movies and much more.


Facebook has introduced a new feature, in that if you like a post of your friend shared from a public page, above the post it will show you the option to like that page as shown in the screenshot above. Also, it will show some of the similar pages below the post. The new AdBlock Plus update will hide all these things from your wall. Also, some of the other annoying things like rate this movie, rate this place suggestions on your wall will be hidden once you install the extension.


To start customizing your account first you have to install ABP in your browser. You can download the extension for your browser using the link at the end of this post. If you have already installed the extension, go to this page and start customizing your account. In that page you can see three different customizing features based on your requirement. In the first option, you can hide all the page suggestions, movie ratings and all other annoying features on your wall.

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If you are interested in seeing page suggestions from Facebook, but want to disable those movie and book ratings from your sidebar, you can choose the second option. It will hide only those suggestions from sidebar. You can go for the third option, if you need the above said option in reverse. Using third option you can disable page suggestions on your news feed but you will see all the sidebar suggestions.


Place you cursor on “Show details” below the title to see what are all the changes it will do on your Facebook account. Once you click the “+add” button, it will redirect you to the ABP extension settings in your browser and click the “Add” button to reflect on your Facebook account. You can easily enable and disable the add-on whenever you need. Also at any point of time you can remove that add-on alone instead of removing the whole extension.


AdBlock Plus is a must have security extension in your browsers. This Facebook customization feature is an excellent move from the ABP team. Try this add-on in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download AdBlock Plus  for Chrome and Firefox



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