‘IObit Smart Defrag’ Automatically Defrags Disks While System is Idle [Windows]

Windows users often come across the term “disk defragmentation” but only a small percentage of all PC users know what it means or why is it important. Basically, your computer stores data on your regular (non-SSD) drives in different fragments. When the fragments of a same piece of data become too scattered in the disk, it takes the operating system a longer time to read it. Disk defragmentation simply gathers those scattered fragments and organizes them which speed up disk reading speeds and consequently improves system performance.

Fortunately, Windows comes with a good built-in disk defragmentation tool. However the utility takes too long to analyze and then defragment the disks. People who use their computers regularly thus avoid going through the process and end up with disks that are in dire need of defragmentation. To solve this problem comes an app called “Smart Defrag”; it defragments your disks while your PC is idle!

Smart Defrag 0

Smart Defrag is an excellent piece of freeware that helps users keeps their disks automatically defragmented. The application’s “winning” function is to automatically keep defragmenting the disk fragments while your system is idle. To get started with the app, you must download and install its setup. Windows users whose native language is not English will be pleased to learn that the app also comes in various languages. You can set the language while you install the app (see screenshot above). Not that during the installation, the app tries to install additionall tools but you can easily opt out of them.

With the app open, you can select your disk partitions and have them analyzed. The disk partitions along with their respective fragment indicating graphs can be seen in the “State” tab of the app.

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Smart Defrag 1

For all or selected partitions, you can enable automatic disk defragmentation. The “Automatic Defrag” tab lets you monitor the CPU usage percentage along with other stats that pertain to this automatic defragmentation.

Smart Defrag 2

There are certain data fragments that cannot securely be defragmented while the computer is running. For these, defragmentation needs to be carried out at boot time. This type of defragmentation can be enabled in the “Boot Time Defrag” tab.

Smart Defrag 3

The “Report” tab contains the reports for any disk defragmentation analysis that you have carried out. If you have not setup automatic defragmentation, the analysis and their resulting reports can quickly inform you or whether or not disk defragmentation is required.

Smart Defrag 4

From the app’s options, you can specify the preferences for automatic, scheduled, and boot defragmentation processes. For instance, you can specify the system idle time limit before automatic defragmenting kicks in.

Smart Defrag 5

Similarly, you can setup the time for scheduled defragmentation.

Smart Defrag 6

The user can further specify which boot will the boot defragmentation be carried out on.

Smart Defrag 7

In conclusion, Smart Defrag provides PC owners with an excellent application that runs in the background to ensure optimum disk performance via defragmentation. Because the automatic defragmentation can be set to run only while the system is idle, you will not notice any obtrusion to your regular computer usage because of the app.

You can get Smart Defrag from over here.



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