Reverse Trackpad Gesture Scrolling Direction on Microsoft Surface

If you’re using a Microsoft Surface you may be aware that it’s possible to use a two-finger scrolling gesture just like on MacBooks — just move up and down on the trackpad with two fingers to scroll up and down. You may find that this does not work by default, in which case you need to download the Trackpad Settings app.

Pay a visit to the Windows Store and perform a search for Trackpad Settings. Install the free app and then launch it from the Start screen


Toggle the Scrolling setting so that it is in the On position and you can then start to use gesture scrolling to navigate through web pages and other documents.


By the default, Gesture Scrolling works so that when you move your fingers down on the trackpad the document you are looking at will move up — think of it as though you are grabbing the document and pushing it or pulling it.

If you would prefer scrolling to work in the opposite way, head to the Trackpad Setting app and enable the Flip scrolling direction option.


Now when you gesture on the trackpad, it is as though you are grabbing the scrollbar — so when you gesture down, you will scroll down.

Things are slightly different if you have a second generation Surface — there is no need to download a separate app. Instead, pull up the Charms bar and click or tap Settings followed by Change PC settings.

Move to the PC and devices section followed by Mouse and touchpad where you’ll find the Reverse scrolling direction option.

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