iQ-Notes: Note-Taking with Network Synchronization, Color Coding, Time Tracking, and More [Windows]

Windows users have a lot of options when it comes to picking an app that lets them take notes. But few tools offer a package that is as feature-rich as that of “iQ-Notes”.

iQ-Notes 1

iQ-Notes is a freeware application for Windows computers. The app lets you quickly take notes that appear on your screen in various colors. You can add as many notes as you want, even attaching alarms, expenses, and other notes to each note. Network synchronization, notes backup, adding contact information, and clipboard integration are basically what make this app stand out from the crowd.

When you first install the app, you will be shown a setup screen that you can pass or, preferably, go through once in order to set your preferences. The General tab (see image above) lets you put in your initials and name; you can also disable the app for the Windows Guest account, amongst specifying other options.

The Flags tab lets you assign categories for each note color. I found the default categories to be helpful but you can easily rename them to setup whatever categorization system you need to put in order.

iQ-Notes 2

The hotkeys tab familiarizes you with the shortcuts of the app which make it more accessible. This is also where you can quickly modify the hotkey shortcuts if you find any one of them to be inconvenient.

iQ-Notes 3

While the app provides exporting and importing notes from an offline file on your system through the General tab, you can also setup network synchronization through the Synchronization tab.

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iQ-Notes 4

With the settings done, you can access the app from its system tray icon.

iQ-Notes 5

Clicking on the New Note option opens up a new note. The first note will have some default text already present in it.

iQ-Notes 6

You can easily modify the content of the note by typing in the note text, having the day’s date and time automatically entered, adding bullets, and more. The individual note options allow you to set a subject for it, change its color, and even attach an alarm to it. The alarm can be set to go off on a particular date and time while playing a WAV file that you specify. The General tab in this options window also displays the note’s character count.

iQ-Notes 7

In case you want to attach contact information with the note, simply click on the Address tab. Here you can add the information of the person that your note pertains to.

iQ-Notes 8

One very interesting feature of the application is expense tracking. You can add expenses to an open note by selecting the relevant option in the note’s option menu.

iQ-Notes 9

While adding an expense type, you can specify the title, the date, time, units, and rate of the particular expense. You can choose to initiate a timer that starts counting from your click. This expense can then be added to your note for time tracking and billing purposes.

iQ-Notes 10

Overall, iQ-Notes is truly a full-fledge note-taking package. For Windows users, it does not get better than this.

You can get iQ-Notes from over here.



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