Change the Default Paste Formatting in Word 2013

Not all of the text you use in Microsoft Word has to be typed out by hand. You may well copy and paste text from other documents you have already written, or copy quotes from websites. Word tries to be helpful by retaining the formatting of the text you have copied, but this is not always what you want.

It’s likely that you will usually if not always, want the text you paste into a document to match the formatting of the text that is already there. Word gives you several ways of going about this, and the first option is to use the context menu to change the formatting of text after you have pasted it.

Copy some text from a website or other document, and then paste it into another file. Once the text has been inserted, look to the end of the text selection. You’ll see a Paste Options button.


Click this button and a context menu will appear giving you various options for adjusting the appearance of the pasted text.


The first option will retain the formatting of the text based on the document it was copied from — this is handy if you want to keep the look of text copied from a website. The final option, Keep Text Only, will retain just the text so that it matches the formatting of the document you’re pasting into.

Using this context menu enables you to choose the appearance of text each time you paste it, but you may want to adjust settings so that pasted text always matches the destination document so you don’t have to keep manually changing it.

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Flick the File menu, select Options and click the Advanced link to the left hand side. Scroll down through the list of options until you reach the Cut, copy and paste section.


There are several different scenarios for copying and pasting text. Some text will be copied from one part of a document and pasted to another position, while some will be copied from a different application before being pasted into Word.

You can configure different pasting options according to where text has been copied from. Just use the drop down menus next to each item and choose the formatting options that you’d like to use.


Whatever settings you configure here, you have the option of overriding formatting at any time by using the context menu after pasting.



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