Control Various System Settings and Preferences with ‘GIGATweaker’ [Windows]

Are you looking for an easy way to modify Windows preferences without having to wander through countless control panel options? If yes, then GIGATweaker has precisely what you need.

GIGATweaker is an excellent piece of freeware that lets Windows users modify numerous system preferences and controls with great ease. Instead of having you jumping from one control panel setting to the next, the application provides all commonly changed preferences and more under a single dashboard. To begin using the app, you must download and install its setup package which is sized at nearly 2 MB. With the application installed, you can open it and find various settings that appear categorically, with each category accessible from the left pane.

Amongst the many settings categories, you will find System settings. From here the user can disable screen saver password protection, enable automatic system logon, show the shut down option at the logon screen, and a lot more.

GIGATweaker 1

The next category is of security. Here you can modify how the Action Center alerts you of warnings and what settings you prefer for Windows Update and the User Account Control.

GIGATweaker 2

The ‘Files and Drives’ option lets you control how to handle AutoPlay drives. You can also specify the treatment for unknown file types or files that do not have a proper ending.

GIGATweaker 3

If you are the administrator for the computer and are looking for granular control over what other users can and cannot do, the Restrictions section will be of great help. In this section you can control nearly everything – from hiding the taskbar to disabling the ability to modify the Start menu.

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GIGATweaker 4

The explorer menus can also be tweaked through this application. More specifically, the user can disable flashing taskbar buttons, hide inactive icons, disable the notification area, and more.

GIGATweaker 5

System tweaks offered by the app include force unloading unused DLLs from the Windows memory and various other options to increase system performance and stability.

GIGATweaker 6

As you make these changes within the application, you can view what is really going on through the app’s console. To make the console visible, click on the ‘Console’ button in the bottom left corner of the application. Console entries will then simply be displayed in the bottom pane of the app.

GIGATweaker 7

As you can see, GIGATweaker offers a lot to its users. The preferences modifications that it squeezes into a single dashboard would take forever to change if you relied on the native Windows interface. Having a single tool that gives you control over these options is a much preferable solution for any type of computer user.

You can get GIGATweaker from over here.



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