How To Bypass the BBM Messenger Waiting List on iOS and Android

Few months before, Blackberry announced that their BBM Messenger will be available for iPhone and Android. Due to some internal issues the app release was delayed by the company. After a long wait Blackberry released its official BBM Messenger for iOS and Android yesterday. To handle the server usage, BBM Messsenger registration is limited to pre-registered users and very few new users. Many people who done the app  registration yesterday are in the waiting list. Today we have found a simple technique to bypass this waiting list on both iPhone and Android. The steps are as follows.


Steps to Bypass the BBM Messenger Waiting List

Download and Install the BBM Messenger App in your iPhone or Android device.

Open the app and follow the steps for registration. In the second step after entering your email id, click “Next” and forcefully close the app.


In iPhone press your home button twice to close the app. In Android press the home button and go to “Manage Apps” section in Settings, select the “BBM Messenger” app and tap “Force Stop” to close the application.


Once you complete this process, open the BBM Messenger app again in your mobile and continue the registration process.

This time it will accept your registration and bypass through the waiting list on the application.

Be careful while doing this process, once you move to the waiting list this technique won’t work. So as soon as you enter your email id, close the app completely and log in again using the registered email id. People who have registered already and waiting on the queue has to do a new registration for this process to work. If you are not interested in registering with a different email id, then you have to wait in the queue until Blackberry rolls out the complete access. Try this on your iPhone or Android devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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