Boomerang Calendar: An Excellent Calendar Assistant and Event Planner for Gmail

Previously I wrote about the Boomerang email client app for Android. Today I came with a new calendar app from the same team which integrates with your Gmail account and helps you to plan events instantly. Even though we have Google Calendar application, people need to toggle between Gmail and Google calendar for planning an event. Boomerang Calendar bridges the gap between Gmail and Calendar application. It helps you to schedule a meeting or any event with your friends and colleagues in just one mail.


Boomerang calendar is now available for Chrome and Firefox. You can download the extension for your browser, from their official website. Once you install the extension, just refresh your Gmail account if you have logged in already. It will walk you through the steps to connect your Gmail account with Boomerang Calendar.


 First you have to authenticate the integration of your email id with Boomerang Calendar. In the next step, you can import calendar events from Google Calendar integrated with your Gmail account. Last step will give you the instructions to use the application. It has the steps to create an event and to schedule group meetings. Once you complete the installation, you can see the Boomerang Calendar icon at the top of the window. Click that to create new events and group meetings from your Gmail account.


The first option “View My Calendar” will bring all the events you have created in your calendar. Next option “Plan Group Event” will redirect you to an another window, where you can create a group event or meeting with your friends and colleagues. The highlight of this group event planning is, you can suggest up to five different date and timings in the calendar. People you add in that list can choose from those dates and decide the one which is comfortable for all your team members. You can also add the location using Google Maps below the event timings.

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In the application settings, you can change Starting day of the week, Default Meeting timings and much more. This will help you to customize your calendar based on the events you create. You can also change the Date and Time format of the Calendar in that window. If you are using multiple Gmail ids in your browser, you can choose from which calendar you need to add or import the events. You can watch the video tutorial below to understand more about the application.

This application is very helpful for people who use Google Calendar for planning events and Gmail for communication. Boomerang Calendar will reduce your work by integrating with the Gmail account. If you are regular user of Google Calendar, definitely you should try this application. Please share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Boomerang Calendar for Chrome and Firefox



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