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SquadMail is a web service, which helps users to share their inbox with others. The beta version of the application was introduced last year and Dropbox support was added later. Earlier this week, SquadMail released its complete version along with the brand new extension for Chrome. The key feature of SquadMail is to share mails in your inbox with other users instantly. Instead of forwarding the email or sending a duplicate copy, you can use the labels in your inbox to share mails with other users. The new SquadMail Chrome extension, fully integrates with your Gmail account and lets you share the messages instantly.


You can download SquadMail from Chrome Web Store using the link below. Once you install the application, just refresh your Gmail account if you have logged in already. You will see “Login to SquadMail” link on the top of your window. After you click that you will see an another window to confirm the integration with your Gmail account. As soon as you confirm the integration, you will see SquadMail icon at the top.


The whole concept of the application is, you create a shared label in your Gmail account and add recipients to it. All the members can add mails to that label and it can be accessed by everyone on the group. To create a new label, click the SquadMail icon on the top and select “New Folder” option in the menu. Then you will see a window as shown in the screenshot below.


In that window, enter the “Folder Name” and a short description about the shared folder. Then add email id of your friends in the “Add Collaborator” section of the window. Add as many people as you need and click the “Create” button, to open a new shared folder in your Gmail account.

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You can create maximum of three shared folders in your SquadMail account. All those folders can be synced with your Dropbox account to backup the mails. As soon as you create a shared folder, you will get an option to connect that folder with your Dropbox account. All the folders you create and the mails you share can be managed from the SquadMail web interface. To login to your SquadMail account, use the same email id integrated with the extension. Watch the video tutorial below to understand more about the application.

SquadMail is secured and will not affect your privacy at any cost. Only the added recipients and the mail you choose will be visible in that shared folder. Also other recipients can add mails to that folder for public view. It is a great extension to share emails instantly with a group of people in a secured way. Try this in your Gmail account and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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