Download Windows 7 Search Connectors for Twitter, eBay, Amazon, Youtube & More

Windows 7 Search Connector

Even after two weeks to official windows 7 beta release not all feature of windows 7 are known to us. But slowly these hidden features of windows 7 are getting revealed like Windows 7 themes with RSS Feed based Desktop slideshow.

We have very little information about Windows 7 Open search support aka Search Federation but its confirm that windows 7 does support to open search but no documentation on how we can create windows 7 search connectors. Open Search (Search Federation) is the ability to search remote document repositories through the native Windows search interface.

For example Searching Flickr photo stream right from your Windows 7 Desktop, Now can you image potential of Open Search ? Does this sounds like “wow” ? Long Zheng from istartedsomething was the first one to discover and implement Widows 7 Open Search. He has created Flickr Search Connectr for Windows 7.

Flickr Search Connectr for Windows 7

Flickr Windows 7 Search Connectr

Another Guy Chris Pirillo has created several such Windows 7 Search Connectors.

Here is list of Windows 7 Search Connectors

1. Amazon’s Full Catalog

2. eBay Auctions

3. PriceGrabber

4. Coupons and Discounts

5. Online Shopping

6. My YouTube Videos

7. The Geeks Social Network

8. Lockergnome

9. Twitter

10. FriendsFeed

You can download Above Windows 7 Search connectors.

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