How to Receive Direct Messages From Anybody on Twitter

The idea behind Twitter’s Direct Message (or DM) feature was simple. If two people know each other and follow each other using the service, they can send each other private messages that do not appear in their public timeline.

If you want to contact someone who is not following you, or someone else wants to contact you but you don’t follow them, you have to resort to using “mentions”. The problem with this is that messages of this nature can be seen by anyone with access to your timeline and is therefore not ideal for more private communication.

Twitter has just unveiled a new option that makes it possible to receive direct messages from anyone who follows you, regardless of whether you follow them back.

If this makes you panic, don’t worry — the setting is not enabled by default! But you may decide that you like the idea of being able to receive private messages from anyone.

Visit the Twitter website, click the gear icon to the upper right of the screen and then click Settings


In the Account section, scroll down to the Content heading. Beneath this, tick the box labelled Receive direct messages from any follower.


Scroll down to the page of the page and click the Save change button. Enter your account password and then click Save change.


Should you find that you are receiving too many unsolicited messages from the people w

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