PaperBoy: A New Clutter Free News Reader App for Android

News Reader apps for Android is one of the best ways to catch up all the trending news and top stories on the Internet. It collects news from multiple sources and organize them in a single place. It brings all the updates instantly and lets you read things on the go. We have discussed  few best RSS Readers for Android, in our previous posts. Today I came with a new clutter free news reader app called “Paperboy” for Android. It is developed by Feedly, one of the famous RSS Reader app for web and mobile devices.


You can download Paperboy from the Google Play Store for free using the link below. Once you install the app, first you will see instructions to use the application. Initially there will be a blank home page and a swipeable sidebar with options to navigate between different stories. To add blog sources, tap the “+” button on the top of the homepage. First it will show you all the popular blogs on the Internet. In that if you swipe right, there will be a list of categories displayed. Tap the one you need and it will list all the popular blogs on that particular category.


To create your own category of subscriptions, tap on any one of the blog name, you will get a side bar from right. There you can type your own category and save blog subscriptions in them. You can create any number of categories you need. All the created categories will be available in the homepage sidebar. Also you can search blogs using domain name in the search bar above the blogs list.

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Another important feature of the application is the interface. It has an excellent reading interface, which gives a unique look to the articles you read. This interface is comfortable for you to read in both bright and low lights. Also the font gives more readability than any other news readers for Android. While you open a story, there will be a menu button on the top, tapping it will bring all the recent stories on that particular blog. Also there is a pin shaped icon, to mark important stories while you read. It will be saved on the application and you can see that in “Saved for Later” section in the swipeable sidebar.


The Sidebar also contains the stories published on that day, popular stories and use “All Stories” option to line up all the articles from your subscription. You just swipe right to see the next article. It has unique navigation style to read the stories, which gives an excellent reading experience. If you are having an Android Tablet then Paperboy is a must have application. So give a shot and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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