Easily Access Your Favorite Files and Programs with ‘sTabLauncher’ [Windows / Mac]

The Windows taskbar can quickly become cluttered if your add too many of your favorite shortcuts to it. If you are looking for a clean, unobtrusive, and uncluttered way of getting quick access to your favorite files and folders, you should consider ‘sTabLauncher.’

sTabLauncher 1

sTabLauncher is an excellent piece of freeware that comes in different versions for Windows and Mac operating systems. The function of this app is to provide you with a hovering ‘docking station’ where you can dock shortcuts to your favorite files and programs. I tried out the Windows version of the app and was most pleased with the shortcuts were presented in a way that did not obstruct my regular work or distract me from it.

To get started with the app, you should download its setup file and install it. When you open the app, you will find it docked and minimized to the top of your screen. By default the app will have two tabs; these tabs are titled Internet and App. The Internet tab will have Windows Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer shortcuts loaded onto it by default. The App tab will have shortcuts to the Windows Calculator and Notepad.

sTabLauncher 2

You can right click on the blank area of a tab and choose the ‘Add New Item’ option to add shortcuts to other files and programs on your computer.

sTabLauncher 3

While you are adding a shortcut to the dock, you can specify the shortcut’s name, its target location, optional arguments, icon image, and positioning on the dock.

sTabLauncher 4

This way you can not only add shortcuts but also customize how they appear on the dock. The more apps you add, the wider you would want the dock to be. In order to expand the width of the dock, simply click-and-drag the tabs while the ‘Lock’ options in its menu are disabled.

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sTabLauncher 5

App can also be further categorized by sorting them into different tabs. New tabs can be easily added through the app’s configuration options.

sTabLauncher 6

While using other applications, you will find that sTabLauncher places itself in the foreground. By being in the foreground, the app provides you with easy access to all of your added shortcuts.

sTabLauncher 7

Because the app’s interface is semi-transparent, its being in the foreground does not obstruct usage of apps in other windows. But if you must, you can change the opacity levels under the Animation options in the app’s configuration window. You can even customize the animation styles in which the app is minimized and displayed on ‘mousehover’.

sTabLauncher 8

In conclusion, sTabLauncher helps out its users effectively by providing them with easy access to all of their favorite files and shortcuts, regardless of which application window they are currently on.

You can get sTabLauncher for Windows and Mac computers from here.



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