KAlarm: The Only Alarm Clock App You Will Need [Ubuntu / Linux]

Looking for an alarm clock that reminds you of tasks on your Ubuntu / Linux machine? If yes, then your search successfully ends on ‘KAlarm’.

KAlarm 1

KAlarm has all things that you could need in a desktop alarm application. You can create various types of alarms and you can set these alarms to recur on a customized schedule. Specific commands can also be run when alarms are being executed – this enables you do schedule any type of system task that you want.

After you install the app on your machine, you can open it up and reveal whatever alarms you have set up. Initially – on the first app run – the list of alarms is going to empty. From the app’s window you can begin adding new alarms. To do this you must click on the New button in the top left of the app’s window. The next step is to choose the type of alarm you want to add: a display alarm, a command alarm, an email alarm, or an audio alarm. As you can see, the alarm types let you create various kinds of alarms. In the alarm creation window, you can add custom text for the alarm along with the time when it will go off.

KAlarm 2

There are two kinds of time settings for the alarm: you can either set a specific date or time for the alarm or your can specify the duration from now when the alarm will go off. The time zone can be specified as well; this will greatly help people who are trying to setup reminder alarms for meetings with international clients.

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By clicking on the Special Actions button you can set specific commands to run before and after the alarm runs.

KAlarm 3

Each alarm you create can be set to recur on a customized schedule. You get various recurrence options such as “at login”, daily, weekly, and yearly.

KAlarm 4

A “sub-recurrence” can also be setup. For instance, you can have an alarm recur daily and every 3 hours only twice per day.

KAlarm 5

Once the alarm goes off, its text is displayed on the desktop in a small new window (based on the kind of alarm you have selected and the custom text you typed in).

KAlarm 6

You can opt to defer the alarm, which is equivalent to the standard ‘snooze’ option in other alarm clocks. You can defer the alarm for a specific duration or you can reschedule the alarm to go off on a particular date and time.

KAlarm 7

If you want to dismiss the alarm altogether, you are asked for a confirmation before the alarm is disabled.

KAlarm 8

You can create as many alarms as you want and group them together in a “calendar”. By saving separate calendars and loading them up later, you can shift between different sets of alarms with ease.

KAlarm 9

Overall, KAlarm provides users with not only various alarms but also numerous customization options for these alarms. Whether you want to wake up to a song or you need to be reminded of a particular meeting, this application will excellently serve your needs.

You can visit KAlarm’s website over here.



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