Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome Gets Markup Integration

Evernote, the popular cross-platform note-taking service, recently updated its popular Web Clipper app for Google’s Chrome web browser. The update came with a number of new features, all arranged in a nice new user interface, which now sprawls down the right side of the browser in a narrow ribbon.


You will find that Bookmark has been added to version 6 of Web Clipper. As the name implies, notes created will contain a snippet of the page and the URL, making it easily referencable in the future. Clearly is also integrated — an app that strips out extraneous parts of a page, leaving just a simple text document, allowing for easier reading. Sharing is also present, letting you easily send content via email or to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Click the Share button at the bottom of the menu.

But perhaps the best new feature is the integration of Markup. The Markup section contains a highlighter, marker, arrow, type, stamp and pixelator. Simply snap your image and then choose the tool you wish to use. If you change your mind, hit ESC and you’ll return to the original page.

Click any of the items you choose and begin editing the screenshot — some items, such as “Stamp” have additional options once they are clicked on.


Not only are there various  stamps, but you can also choose the color you wish to use, though you are limited to only eight colors for you to select among.

Pixelating will easily block out personal information that you do not wish to release to others, you can highlight text, add an arrow to point at important information and even add text.

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evernote marked-up page


Beyond the simple ability to grab a screenshot and add a few notes for personal use, the new Web Clipper version 6 is also great for putting together tutorials and for bloggers, who rely on compelling screenshots to illustrate stories. Web Clipper is available for free (along with cloud storage) from the Chrome Web Store.



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