Save Battery Life of your Android Devices with these Five Applications

Battery performance is pretty important when you purchase a smartphone or a tablet. Especially in Android devices, the battery performance determines the overall efficiency of a product. Despite the default power saving techniques on the device, we have other few important actions like terminating background processes, closing unwanted applications and few more actions you need to do to improve your battery life. Instead of doing it manually, we have apps to monitor all these activities which affects your battery life.

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Today I came with a bunch of battery saving apps for Android devices, which helps you to automatically monitor and terminate all the unwanted data and apps on your device. This improves your battery life as well as the performance of your device by terminating the background activities. Let’s take a look at those apps below.

Du Battery

Du battery is one of the popular power saving apps for Android. Once you install the application, it will take care of all the power related functions on your Android device. It is very simple to understand and will close all the background process in just a tap. It has different levels of charging to improve your battery performance and health. There will be different modes to customize the data connection usage, calls and other important actions on your device. In homepage, you can see what are all the apps consuming more power and close the ones you don’t need. Also you can turn off the WiFi, GPS, Mobile data and adjust screen settings from the application.


Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is yet another best power saving app for Android. It has excellent features which will optimize all the power related options on your device. In the homepage, you have a diagnose button which will analyze all the apps, internet connectivity, CPU processes and much more. Then it will show you an analysis report and give you options to turn off the  unwanted activities on your device. It has an inbuilt task killer application and whenever your RAM is full, it will trigger a pop-up to clear the junk data.  It improves your battery as well as the performance of your device.

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Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is a simple and effective application. If you have less internal memory on your device, this app is a great choice. The interface of the application is very simple to understand. In the home page, it will give you a complete analysis of your battery usage and remaining time for activities on your mobile phone. In the next option “Optimization”, you can choose different modes according to your usage. Then see how much battery is consumed for various activities in  your device using “Consumption” on the menu. Instructions for using the app will be available in the “Tutorials” section.


Go Battery Saver

Go Battery Saver is one of the most popular power optimizing applications for Android. More than 15 million people are using this application. In the homepage, you have an “Optimize” option, which will analyse all the power related activities and gives you a score and details on the power consumption. Also you have two preset modes and a custom mode to control data connectivity, brightness, volume, screen timeout and various other options on your device. You have “Tools” to manage Charging, real time power consumption monitoring, System trash and various other options.


Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is a new battery saver app and it is still in beta stage. Within a short span of time, they have gained plenty of users and positive reviews from most of them. Just like other apps, it will show you the battery optimization options and remaining time on the home page. Also you have power settings menu on the bottom of the homepage. You can see the battery usage history in the menu and there will be a default widget available on the application to keep it on your home screen. You can use the widget for quick power optimization. In the last section of the menu, you can see different settings for “Night Mode” to optimize the battery usage during the night hours.

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If I have missed any of  your favorite battery saver apps, please let me know. So try your favorite apps from the list and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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