Auto-Enlarge Images in Chrome with Hover Free

As you cruise the web looking for something that piques your interest, you will find it is an increasingly visual place, especially if you happen to be surfing a spot like Flickr, though that is an extreme example — almost every site relies on images. The problem is that many of these pictures are icons, thumbnails, or just simply too small in scale to show us the detail we want.

To solve this woe is a simple enough process — click and you will find that most, but not all, images can be expanded. However, endless clicking is no way to view an image heavy web site.

If you are using Chrome for browsing the web, then you already know that there is an extension for just about anything, and easier expansion of web pictures is not an exception.

Hover Free is not the only extension capable of this — in fact, it was designed to replace Hover Zoom after a controversy arose around that add-on concerning user privacy.

Hover Free works with more than 100 different sites including Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Wikipedia and many other popular locations.

Hover Free runs in the background, and there is absolutely nothing that the end-user needs to do for it work. Simply move your mouse pointer over an image on any compatible web site and the image will suddenly pop-up to a much larger size, and remain that way until you move your pointer on to another part of the page.

hover free

With that said, there are options that can be set by the user. To access these you will need to head to Chrome options, click Tools and then Extensions. Scroll down to Hover Free and click Options.

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This opens a web page with several tabs, including general, sites, actions keys, advanced and support the project. The last is obviously a way for customers to make a small donation to the developer.

hover zoom options

I haven’t found the need to make any changes here, but there are some interesting options for those interested. For instance, a list of hot keys that can perform various tasks (and can be changed depending on taste), and a way of disabling the feature only for particular web sites.


Hover Free makes browsing the web a much more pleasant experience and, if there is a site that wish to exclude, then that is just one of the many settings that can easily be set to suit each individual.



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