Preview Links on your Gmail Account using Iframely for Chrome

Everyday we receive plenty of links through Emails in our Gmail account. Especially people who use Gmail for their business will receive a lot of Emails with links. Previously I wrote about chrome extensions to manage Gmail attachments using different cloud services. Today I came with an application called Iframely, which lets you preview the links without leaving your Gmail account. Any webpage, YouTube and other web services links can be easily previewed from your Email window.


You can download Iframely from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you install the extension, it won’t show up any icons in the main window. It will be running in the background of your browser. After installation, just refresh your Gmail tab to see the changes on your account. If you receive a link from a YouTube or SoundCloud, you can see the players embedded in your Email window. If you have received multiple links, all of them will be listed one by one.


You can play videos, songs and read articles right from your Email window. Also it will improve the security of your Gmail account. In Gmail, we will receive plenty of malicious links from marketing companies and hackers. Those phishing emails will steal our passwords and personal data from our Gmail account. So this link preview will help you to identify where the links are taking you actually. Also you can avoid opening the unwanted links, which helps to improve your productivity.


Iframely has an excellent feature, which automatically discards the preview of links from marketing companies. It will show only the trusted links from real humans. Gmail has a feature called “Inline Images”, which lets you include the images as URLs and the receiver can preview them. By default it supports only YouTube and Flickr. By using this extension, you can add inline images from any popular web services like Instagram, Facebook, SlideShare, Imgur, etc.

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Iframely will be very helpful for people who want to quickly review the links and get back to their work. It is a simple extension and a very good time saver. Try this on your Chrome browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Iframely for Chrome



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