Easily Stream Music Over LAN with ‘Vibe Streamer’

Are you trying to share your music collection with somebody on the same computer network as yourself? If you are a Windows user, then this task can be accomplished very conveniently through an app called Vibe Streamer.

Vibe Streamer 01

Vibe Streamer is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows OS. The application sets up a sharing server that can be accessed by other devices on the local area network. The web interface offers an audio player for the audio files which you share through the app. You can control who streams your music, what amount of music can they listen to, the bandwidth used, and the specific music folders to share.

To begin, simply download and install the application on your Windows PC. The next step is to configure the server address and routing port. For most users, the address “” will work. You can choose any port as long as it is properly being forwarded through your router. You can read more about port forwarding over here.

With the server specifications entered, you can point to the app to the music folders which you want shared.

Vibe Streamer 02

To help you control who can stream music off your server, the app lets you create sets of login credentials. You can create as many username-password sets as you want.

Vibe Streamer 03

Users who are setting up the application can also control the streaming limit and streaming bandwidth limit for the audio streaming.

Vibe Streamer 04

Once you have setup these preferences, you can provide others on your local area network with your system’s IP address along with the port number you have set in Vibe Streamer. Of course, you will also need to provide all of them with sets of usernames and passwords in order to stream the music on your PC.

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Vibe Streamer 05

When somebody logs on using the right credentials, they can view VibeStreamer’s web browser player. The music folders being shared long with the songs that they contain appear in the bottom pane. The songs can be played simply by double clicking on them. Information for the song being played appears in the left pane.

Vibe Streamer 06

People streaming the music can create playlists and save them for later. The player supports ‘shuffle’ and ‘repeat’ features as well.

VibeStreamer not only simplifies sharing your music files, but it also provides the primary user with optional advanced controls such as bandwidth limitation. Overall, this application is a must-have for anybody who wants to conveniently share music with others on the same network.

You can get Vibe Streamer from here.



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