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As the technology world moves towards the cloud, more services continue to emerge in an effort to satisfy the ever-growing need for storage space. Dropbox has been a premier player in this game since the early days and is continuing to innovate in an effort to remain in a top position.

The latest move announced by the company is an effort to make capture and storage of your screenshots a bit more effortless. “Starting today, all the screenshots you take can automatically be saved straight to your Dropbox. And on top of that, Dropbox will also create a link to your screenshot and copy it to your clipboard — so your picture’s instantly good to share”, the company announced this week.

So, how does this latest update work? Unlike your camera uploads, which the service rolled out to smartphones a while back, this update has your computer in mind, but there is a bit of setup involved to get things underway — you can always undo this later if you change your mind.

If you already have Dropbox installed on your desktop or laptop then you have one half of the battle won. If not, head over to Dropbox, create an account and click the Install option under your name.

dropbox install

The first time you take a screenshot after upgrading to this latest version of Dropbox, you will receive a pop-up message inquiring of your intentions (make sure Dropbox is open in your system tray).

The application will ask if you want to save screenshots to your Dropbox. Click “Save Screenshots to Dropbox”. You can also copy a link to the screenshot that you can immediately paste anywhere, such as an email message or a Facebook post.

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The feature is contained within the preferences and is easy to enable or disable. Right-click the icon down in the system tray and choose “Settings” and then tap “Preferences”.

dropbox import

From the “Import” tab, you will immediately spot an option for “Share screenshots using Dropbox” and it is enabled by default. You can, of course, simply uncheck the box, hit “Apply” and then “OK” to leave the option. You can re-enable whenever you choose.


This is just one more addition to the ever-growing list of features that Dropbox is adding in its efforts to stay competitive in today’s market. Having easy storage and availability across platforms for photos and now screenshots is a great feature that can be utilized by many of today’s busy cloud storage customers.



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