Reditr Brings TweetDeck Style Interface for Reddit on Chrome

Reddit is one of the famous web applications to get all the popular and trending stories over the Internet. There are plenty of third party apps were available for mobile and PC to catch updates from your Reddit subscriptions. Today I came with one such app for Chrome called Reditr. You might have heard of TweetDeck, a famous Twitter client for PC and different mobile devices. An important feature of Tweetdeck is the interface, you can see all your tweets, mentions and direct messages in a single page. It divides the page into different columns and brings everything in your homepage.


Reditr for Chrome is going to do same on the content from Reddit. Once you install the extension, it will be in the apps section of your browser. When you first open it, it will ask you to connect with your Reddit account. If you don’t want to connect your account, you can skip it. Then it will show you the instructions and tips to use the application. If you have used Tweetdeck before, this interface will look familiar to you. In the left sidebar, you have different options and settings to customize the application.


In the right side there will be three columns for a page and page numbers will be at the bottom. Either click arrow on the right side or select the page number below to navigate between different pages. All the stories will be in thumbnails with a short description. Just place your cursor on any story to get a brief description about it. By default, the application contains all trending images on Reddit. So if you place your mouse pointer on any image, it will show you a preview of the image. When you click it, you can see the full view of images as shown in the screenshot below.

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If  it is a link of a trending story on the Internet, it will take you to a new page when you click it. All  the stories will be categorized and placed under different columns of the application. There will be world news, politics, funny links, GIFs and much more. To see all the categories of news click the Reddit icon at the end of page numbers in the bottom. To get stories from your subscriptions, you have to log in to your account. You can do it from the “Account” option on the right top corner of the window.


You can add your own column using the “Add Column” option on the left sidebar. All the account related information will be available under “View” on the sidebar. You can see the Gallery, user information and profile details in that section. Below that you have “Settings” of the application. There you can select a theme, set different filters, modify your subscriptions and much more. Search bar will be on the right side and see your application history on the top menu bar.

If you are a regular Reddit user, then Reditr is a must have application in your browser. It makes the story navigation and reading much easier than the other Reddit client applications. Give a shot and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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