How to Monitor Time Spent on Your Tasks with ‘WatchMe’ [Windows]

Are you looking for a time tracking application? Perhaps you want to time yourself for a particular task and measure your time efficiency or perhaps you simply want to be alerted of something after a particular time. For these and any other time tracking needs, Windows users will find a freeware app called WatchMe to be extremely helpful.

WatchMe 1

WatchMe is an excellent piece of freeware that serves very well when it comes to monitoring the time spent on your tasks. To say that it is a mere time-tracking application would be an understatement; with this single application, you get a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a timed alert generator, and even a task scheduler.

To get started, you need to only download and extract the app’s setup archive which is sized at nearly 0.3 MB. To run the app, simply open the EXE file which you extract from the archive – the app does not require any installation. You will find a ‘bare’ window like the in screenshot above; all timers will be set to zero and the tasks will have their default labels. You should begin by naming the tasks that you want to be timed through the application.

WatchMe 2

To initiate timing a task, you can click on the Start button in front of it. The timer will change color and you will see the seconds being counted.

WatchMe 3.0

The color formats of the timers when they are stopped and when they are running can be adjusted from the app’s preferences.

WatchMe 3.1

When you have finished your task, you can stop the relevant timer and see how much time you spent on that particular task. You can also add or subtract time from a timer field by right clicking on it.

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WatchMe 4

If a particular task is of a countdown timer type, you can add an alert to it.

WatchMe 5

The alert task can execute a program or play a sound file after your specified time interval has passed. The alert can be bound to a timer which can be stopped at the time of the alert.

The app offers numerous other useful features as well such as exporting your timers to a CSV file. From various time formats that include milliseconds to letting users starting and stopping all timers collectively, WatchMe is one tiny app that is full of surprises.

WatchMe 6

With the features that come with this application, there really is no limit to how you can put it to use. From monitoring the time spent on tasks to measure productivity to making sure that you take your cake out of the oven on time, WatchMe can do it all; it certainly is one time tracking application that Windows users can definitely benefit from.

Download WatchMe from over here.



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