Adjust Screen Brightness According to the Time of Day with Flux on Windows

Different parts of the day require different levels of brightness of our computer screen. While the brightness can quite easily be adjusted, doing so manually multiple times per day can be very inconvenient. Here to automate the process is an excellent desktop app called Flux.

Flux 1

Flux is an excellent piece of freeware that adjusts the lighting of your computer’s screen according to the time of day. By detecting the time of day in your geographical location, the application is able to darken or lighten the contrast of your screen. The changed brightness levels make it easier to view the screen particular when it is too early or too late in the day.

The application’s main window shows a waveform that indicates the level of brightness of your monitor. The top left portion of the application shows you the countdown left till sunrise or sunset. Your geographical location is displayed in terms of longitude and latitude in the bottom right of the app’s window.

The geographical location can be set from the app’s preferences. The location can be inputted in terms of zip code or longitude and latitude coordinates.

Flux 2

If you do not know your exact coordinates, you can click on the Locate button to open Flux’s location finding website in your default web browser.

Flux 3

The website will automatically detect your location. If it does not detect your location, you can simply type in the name of your city and country in order to have the exact coordinates received.

Once your coordinates have been defined, the application will automatically detect the time of day in your area and adjust the brightness levels of your screen. You can control what the exact levels of brightness are going to be by accessing the app’s preferences.

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Flux 4

The transition speed between the different levels of brightness can be selected. Transition speed options include 20 seconds and an hour.

The app provides a built-in option to disable the adjusted brightness for about an hour. This can be very helpful when you are doing color-sensitive tasks; for instance, you will find it helpful to disable the app when you are editing images.

There are many people who sleep next to their laptop; when they wake up, the bright laptop screen momentarily blinds them and it makes it difficult to see what is being displayed on the screen. But thanks to Flux, the screen brightness is no longer going to be a problem for Windows users.

You can get Flux from over here.



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