‘ResophNotes’ Takes Notes in Markdown and Synchronizes them to Simplenote [Windows]

I have recently discovered an excellent note taking application for Windows that I am going to share with all of you today. The app is called ResophNotes and carries a lot of punch in a simple package.

Now many people might be reluctant to shift from the familiar Notepad. I agree that the Windows Notepad is fine when it comes to quickly jotting down something you want to remember. But files stored on your computer are slightly difficult to access remotely. So if you want notes that are truly accessible, you should go for a note taking web service like Simplenote.

I actually reviewed Simplenote not too long and you can read the review over here. Back then I found that the web service increased its accessibility by offering platform applications for iOS devices, Android smartphones, Kindle devices, and Mac computers. I could not help but wonder why the website did not have a Windows app as well. Since then I have been on the lookout for something I can use seamlessly with Simplenote – perhaps a desktop app that offers the same sleek Simplenote interface and offers integration with the said web service.

I found exactly what I was looking for when I stumbled upon ResophNotes.

ResophNotes 01

While its name could use some revamping, this simple little note taking application will the note taking needs of all Windows users. After you install the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 7 MB, you can open it and optionally link your Simplenote account right away. You can also choose how often notes are synchronized between ResophNotes and your Simplenote account. Your notes are quickly fetched from the web service and displayed in an intuitive interface.

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ResophNotes 02

The left pane lists your notes. Clicking on them opens up their text in the right pane from where the text can be viewed, copied, and edited. Fonts used to display the notes can be customized in the app’s preferences. The bottom bar of the app shows a word count and a character count of the currently highlighted note; the last modified data and time of the currently highlighted note is also displayed.

ResophNotes 03

The top bar in the right pane lets you add a tag to the note that is currently highlighted. Tags can be repositioned as well, in case there are certain tags that you use frequently.

Just like Simplenote, ResophNotes supports Markdown as well. You can type your Markdown in the note like plain text and then preview what the Markdown output of the note will look like in a new window that opens up.

ResophNotes 04

In addition to these features, ResophNotes offers numerous hotkey shortcuts to make note taking as quick and convenient as possible.

ResophNotes 05

As you can see, ResophNotes has a sleek interface and it offers seamless integration with Simplenote. If you are a Windows users looking for a Markdown-supporting note taking app with storage in the cloud, then this is where your search successfully ends.

You can get ResophNotes from over here.



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