Simplenote Offers Note-Taking in the Cloud with a Sleek Interface

We take down notes whenever we want something important in writing that we want to remember. If you would like to save notes in a way that such that your notes are accessible from anywhere, you should check out the web service called Simplenote.

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Simplenote is a free to use web service. It lets you store your notes in the cloud with ease. You can begin by creating an account on the website and then creating your notes. In addition to just storing your notes, the site supports tagging notes with different tags, saving different versions of your notes, helping your share your notes with others, and providing information about your notes such as number of words and characters.

The first time you sign into your Simplenote account, you will find a sleek interface with the default note loaded. The default note will carry a few instructions which might be useful to read for the average user. When you want to create a new note, simply click on the “+” button in the left pane of the interface. There is a search tool that helps you find notes by keywords and a dropdown that helps you search notes by their tags.

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While editing a note or creating a new one, you can set the note’s title by writing it in the first line of the note. The rest of the note can come after the title. The absolute line is where you can add tags for your notes.

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The note is periodically saved in the site’s database to ensure that you do not lose any changes – manual saving in not required. Because each save can possibly be different from the others, the site also offers access to different versions of the same note. You can click on the clock icon button and choose the version of the note which you want to view.

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The right most icon in the top right pane will reveal informative details about the current note.

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Clicking on that icon will reveal the word count and character count of your notes. You can also have a particular note pinned to the top of your list in the left pane or set it for markdown formatting.

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Whenever you want to share the note with a friend, simply click on the sharing icon and choose the relevant option to share the note. Note that you can also share the note with a friend simply by adding their email address to the note’s tags list.

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As you can see, Simplenote is indeed very simple to use yet a very powerful notetaking application. Not only does it offer a robust free web service to internet users but it also provides applications for iOS, Android, Mac, and Kindle devices.

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You can visit Simplenote’s homepage by clicking here.



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