Save Copied Clipboard Objects and Reuse Them With ‘Yankee Clipboard III’ [Windows]

I use the Windows clipboard all the time. While I benefit from it greatly, I cannot help but wish for a way to save all my clipboard entries so I could reuse them anytime that I wanted. And with a freeware app called ‘Yankee Clipper III’, I can get precisely that.

Yankee Clipper 3 01

Yankee Clipper III is an excellent clipboard manager for computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of the application is to save everything that you copy to the system clipboard. The copied items are sorted according to their type and can be re-copied to the clipboard and use wherever you want.

You can begin by downloading and installing the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 1 MB. Once the application is installed, it can be easily accessed from its System Tray icon (see screenshot above). From application’s window, you can find all the objects that you have copied to the clipboard while the app was activated.

Yankee Clipper 3 02

By default, you are shown the texts that have been copied. But there are different sections for pictures, rich text (formatted text), all formats, and URLs. To copy an entry to the clipboard, you need only double click it on the table. By single clicking it, you can have it highlighted and preview it in the bottom pane of the app. If you find that any text that you have copied includes redundant quote characters such as “<” or “|”, the app offers a built-in feature to trim out these redundant characters from the copied text.
Yankee Clipper 3 03

If you want to copy the current time including date from the application, you can do so via the Tools menu. A hotkey shortcut can also be used for this task: Ctrl+F6.
Yankee Clipper 3 04

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When you are done using the application and you want to remove all traces of copies objects from the app’s storage, you can select the ‘Empty clipboard’ from the Edit menu in the app’s window. A faster way to do this is through the ‘Ctrl+F7’ hotkey shortcut.
Yankee Clipper 3 05

Apart from extending the features of the Windows clipboard and letting you get the most out of it, there is something else I discovered about Yankee Clipper that was pleasantly surprising. Here is a screenshot of an extract from the app’s ‘Readme’ file where it is explained how the app can be registered:

Yankee Clipper 3 06

That (the text before the bag-of-money part) is perhaps the nicest thing that I have seen developers put into print. Keep it up, Yankee Clipper!

You can get Yankee Clipper III from over here.




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