‘Getleft’ Downloads Websites and Converts Absolute URLs to Relative URLs [Windows]

There are a significant number of computer users who find themselves downloading entire websites to their computer for better offline viewing. Whether you want to stream a site’s videos without buffering, or you want to save the site’s content and not risk losing it due to site’s downtimes, there are many situation in which downloading the site can be beneficial. If you are looking for a tool that will help you do this, you should check out Getleft.

Getleft 01

Getleft is a freeware application that can download entire websites onto your computer. While there are many other apps that offer the same feature, people often come across problems when they try to access parts of the downloaded website. This is primarily because the downloaded content includes absolute URLs which require functional internet connectivity to work properly. Thus those downloaded websites do not work offline which defeats the purpose of downloading them in the first place.

With Getleft, the code of the downloaded website is slightly changed in the sense that all absolute URLs are converted into relative paths. Therefore any in-site links that are within the HTML of the site is pointed towards a download page, image, video, or any other object that is downloaded in the site set.

You can begin using Getleft by downloading and installing its setup file which is sized at nearly 2.5 MB. Once the app is up and running, you can open it and point it to the URL of the website that you want to download. The application will quickly scan the website and ask you which parts of it you want downloaded to your computer. These parts include site pages, links, style sheets, and anything that is downloadable off the website.

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Getleft 02

By going into the app’s preferences, you can further control what content to download or ignore.

Getleft 03

When the download is underway, a small window displays its progress. The activity bar animates a blue rectangular move to and fro; above this bar, the name of the page is shown which is being currently downloaded.

Getleft 04

To stop the download at any time, you can access the stopping options from the button in the bottom right of this mini window. You can abruptly stop the download or optionally halt it after the current file or page has finished downloading.

Getleft 05

In conclusion, if you are a Windows user and are looking for a user friendly application to download a website to your machine, you should definitely download Getleft and take it out for a test drive – you shall not be disappointed.

You can download Getleft from over here.



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