Get Definitions, Synonyms, Anagrams, and More with “TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus”

Desktop dictionaries for the English are abundantly available on the internet. But if you are looking for a dictionary app that helps you create anagrams, find words, and do a lot more in addition to finding out what words mean, then look no further than “TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus”.

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“TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus” is an excellent piece of freeware that helps people get definitions, synonyms, anagrams, and pronunciations for English words from their desktop, without requiring an internet connection.

Your first step is to download and install the app’s setup file which is sized at nearly 21 MB. Once the app is installed and opened, you can type in a word and press the Enter key to have its meaning appear in the right pane. The meaning of the word is split into various section and displayed in a tree-like view. Portions of this tree can be hidden or displayed according to the information that you want to view. Button to hide and show these tree portions appear in the right most pane.

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If you are uncomfortable with the default fonts at any time, you can access the app’s options to modify the fonts which are displayed by the application.

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The right most pane of buttons is where you can get the current word’s pronunciation as well. The last button simply needs to be clicked and the word, along with its definition, begins being pronounced.

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In addition to typing a word in its entirety, the app offers a few other ways to find your desired word. For example, you can go with the “As you type” option. This populates a list of words that correspond to the letters you type. This option can be very helpful for long words of which you do not all the spellings.

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Even better is the phonetic wildcard search. This helps narrow down words via phonetics, in case you do not know how to spell them exactly.

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The app maintains a history of all the words that you have looked up through the dictionary. Words you keep returning to can be added to your favorites for easier future access.

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If you are playing a game or trying to solve a puzzle that involves anagrams, then you will surely enjoy the app’s built-in feature to generate anagrams for any word. Anagrams are sorted according to their word length for the current word in focus.

TheSage 8

As you can see, this tool is a lot more than a dictionary and a thesaurus. By merging the dictionary features with an anagram builder and a word finder, TheSage has made a truly excellent desktop app.

You can get “TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus” from over here.



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