Control Extensions and Toolbars of all Installed Browsers with ‘Auslogics Browser Care’ [Windows]

Windows users are no strangers to malware hijacking the homepage of their installed web browsers or adding an extension to them. This behavior is very annoying and it often adversely affects one’s browsing experience. What is required is a single dashboard from where one can easily control the installed toolbars and extensions of all installed browsers; if this interface allowed control over the homepage, then even better.

This and a lot more is precisely what is offered by the excellent new freeware app called Auslogics Browser Care.

Auslogics Browser Care 01.0

Auslogics Browser Care is a very useful desktop utility that will be extremely beneficial to Windows users who have multiple web browsers installed on their computers. The function of the application is to provide you with a single control panel from where you can set the homepage of each browser, modify its default search engine, and manage the toolbars and add-ons on each browser. If that was not enough to impress the average computer user, the app even lets you clear the browsing data of each web browser!

The first step in using this app is to download and install its setup file which is sized at nearly 6 MB. When you have the app up and running, you will view a window like in the screenshot above. You can select your web browser from the top row of buttons. Optionally you can set your homepage for that particular browser and the default search engine in the relevant areas.

Auslogics Browser Care 01.1

In the bottom left pane, you can choose to view toolbars, add-ons, or both of the web browser which you have selected.

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Auslogics Browser Care 02

From the list that is populated, you can click on a toolbar’s or add-on’s name to reveal its details such as version and publisher.

Auslogics Browser Care 03

An object from this list can be quickly disabled by clicking on the ‘tick mark’ icon; the object can be completely removed by clicking on the trash can icon in front of it.

Auslogics Browser Care 04

In the bottom right pane of the app’s window, you will find a link to clear the particular browser’s browsing data. The size of the browsing data is displayed alongside the cleaning link.

Auslogics Browser Care 05

In conclusion, Auslogics Browser Care provides a tool that we had all been waiting for. Having a single dashboard from where we can collectively set our homepage and search engines is something all Windows users could benefit from.

You can Auslogics Browser Care by clicking this link.



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