Conveniently Organize Tasks, Notes, and Passwords with ‘In My Diary’ [Windows]

It would be extremely convenient to have a single application that keeps track of our tasks, contacts, notes, and even passwords. Fortunately, for Windows users such an application exists and it is called ‘In My Diary.’

‘In My Diary’ is an excellent freeware application that, in many ways, acts a personal assist while you are using your computer. From helping you remember which tasks you should be working on to providing you with the details of a particular contact of yours, this application helps you do everything. Whether you want to use it to manage your passwords, store personal diary entries, or just take down notes, is entirely up to you.

In My Diary 01

You begin by installing the application. Once you have the app up and running, you will find it display a diary-like interface. You can click on a date in either one of the pages shown. In case you want to add an entry to a date not shown on the pages, you must first click on the Calendar button in the left pane. From the resultant interface you may click on any date which you want to add an entry for.

In My Diary 02

Note that there are various methods offered in the application to jump to a date that you want.

Once you click on a date, you are presented with a small window in which you can detail the entry you want to add. There are various details that can be added to the entry; these details include a starting time, an ending time, links to a note, the text of the entry, and optionally adding alarms as well as email alarms.

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In My Diary 03

Similar to diary entries, you can easily use In My Diary to create and access notes. The notes interface lets you select a created note from the left pane; the corresponding text can be viewed, copied, and edited in the right pane.

In My Diary 04

Managing contacts is another feature that is provided by the application. For each contact that you add, detailed information can be attached such as full name, phone numbers, email address, mailing address, birthday, and optional birthday reminders; you can also add a note for each contact – extremely helpful when you are trying to recall where you know a certain business contact from.

In My Diary 05

When you have entered your data into the application, you can search the entirety of it via keywords through the app’s built-in search feature.

In My Diary 06

A password manager and generator comes built into the application. You can add password entries for online accounts, bank accounts, and anything else that requires a passphrase or password.

In My Diary 07

You can choose to secure the passwords section of In My Diary with an additional password; this ensure that somebody else using your computer is unable to access your passwords.

For every account, a secure password can be generated as well, using various preferences.

In My Diary 08

For anybody looking for an easy to use personal assistant on their computer, this app will serve excellently.

You can get ‘In My Diary’ by clicking over here.



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