Convert your Address into a Custom URL using Addy for Quick Sharing

We all know about QR Codes, a two dimensional bar code which lets you share information quickly. It is used in various devices and places to instantly share the information. All you need is a Smartphone or Tablet to read the information. Here is an another web application to share your personal and official information via custom URLs. Yes, Addy is a new web application which compress all the information you provide into a single custom URL and lets you share with people you need.


To start using Addy, either you can sign up with your email id or using your Facebook account. As soon as you create an account, you can see the homepage of the application with a search box and below that, you have a “Create New Addy” button. In the top menu bar, you can see the Settings and Sign out button. In Settings, you can change your profile information, emails you receive and the account details.


You have three steps to create an Addy, in the first step you have to choose the location in the map. By default, it will automatically identify your location and show it one the map. You can either choose that or go to a location using the search box on the top. Once you select the location click next button on the top right corner of the window.


In the next window, you will see two sections, “URL & Name” and “Address”. In URL & Name section, you can create a custom URL for your Addy by typing your desired name after the URL “”. In the Address section, choose the fields from the drop down box and easily add or remove the fields to create the address you need. Then click next to go to the final section.

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In the third window, you have options to choose whether you are creating this Addy for personal, business or other purposes. Then add your contact details in the text boxes below. Add or remove fields using “+” and “-” button in the text boxes. Also you can add some notes related to your contact information in the box below. Click the finish button on the top right corner to create your Addy.


All the Addys you’ve created will be on the homepage. To promote the application, by default you can create only one Addy at a time. To create more Addys you have to refer your friends. Also the premium account is yet to be rolled out. So you can create only one Addy for a day. Addys will be very helpful in sharing all your information in a single URL.



You can share these custom URLs via SMS, Email and to your social accounts from the application. Do you like this idea ? How useful is this application to you ? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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