SepPDF can Selectively Extract Pages from Your PDF Documents

During my undergraduate degree, I remember that we had a tough time when it came to sharing documentation of components over email. My projects in electrical engineering often involved various components which had online PDF documents; these documents needed to be shared via email with project members and advisors. But it was difficult for the recipient to get to the information I wanted them to pay attention to. Why? Because these documents often spanned more than a hundred pages.

Back then I found a pay-for application that could split the pages in any PDF document and that was a good solution to my problem. I only wish that I had discovered the freeware called ‘SepPDF’ then.

SepPDF 1

SepPDF is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with computers that are running the Windows OS. The function of this application is to split the pages in any digital document of the PDF file format. By default, the application is able to extract all pages contained within a PDF file, and make separate PDF files of each of the extracted pages. However, the user can also specify the extraction of a particular range of pages.

In order to begin using this application, you must download its setup file which is sized at nearly 0.2 MB. Once you have the program up and running, you can simply drag your PDF file into the program’s window. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Ref’ button and point towards your PDF file. Following that, you can click on the ‘Split(All)’ button to quickly have all of the pages in the specified PDF document extracted as individual PDF documents of their own. On the other hand, the button labeled ‘Split(Page etc Input)’ lets you specify the range of pages which you want extracted.

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SepPDF 2

After clicking this button, you only need to specify the page range and optionally choose a different output folder, rather than the default which is the location of the original PDF file.

Another feature in the application notifies the user when too many individual PDF files are being created by the app. The threshold for this ‘too many’ number of documents can be set in the app’s preferences.

SepPDF 3

In this simple way, users are able to split PDF files into individual PDF pages. One feature that could further improve this application is the option to merge the extracted pages into a single PDF document – this would greatly ease the sharing of the extracted pages.

Hopefully, upcoming versions of the app will have this feature in them. For now, SepPDF will do excellent right as it is.

You can get SepPDF by clicking here.



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