Get Gmail’s Old Compose Window Back using this Extension for Chrome

Gmail’s web interface and mobile applications were updated recently. The new Gmail interface will categorize the mails into Primary, Social and Promotions automatically. So whenever you open the inbox all the important mails will be in a single place. The mobile interface also have the same feature, where you will have the categories in a swipeable sidebar. Another important thing updated with the new interface is the new mail composing window. After Google acquired Sparrow (an email client for Mac), they introduced the same new compose feature in Gmail.

The new pop up compose box options are quite different, so Google initially gave option to temporarily switch back to the old compose window. After  sometime Google removed that feature, now you can use only the new compose window. People who still don’t feel comfortable with the new compose window, here is a solution for you. Old Compose, is a new Chrome extension, which lets you switch back to the classic Gmail compose window. Here’s  how to do it.


You can download “Old Compose” extension from Chrome web store using the link below. Also you can download from their official website, using your email address. Sometimes it may ask a couple of shares on Facebook and Twitter to download the extension. After installing it, normally it works after refreshing your Gmail account. If it didn’t work, just reboot the Chrome browser and log in to your Gmail account.


The extension will not show any icons or options in the front, it will be running in the background. So as soon as you complete the installation, it will start running in your browser. Log in to your Gmail account and hit the compose button, now you can see the classic compose window with the same options. If you have installed any other extensions for Gmail in your browser, it will work perfectly. For instance, I’ve installed banana tag extension to track emails, it works perfectly in the classic compose window.

So people who are tired of those tiny compose boxes in Gmail, can use this extension to get a full screen classic compose window in your browser. It works will all the Gmail accounts you open in Chrome. So you don’t need to worry about giving your email while you sign up and download. Thanks for reading, please share your experience after using the extension also, share this post with your friends to help them get the classic compose option in their Gmail account.

Download Old Compose for Chrome



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