Album Reminder: Get Email Notifications When Your Favorite Bands Release New Music

I like to follow my favorite bands and their releases quite closely. Unfortunately with the hectic routine of every day, it is not easy to check out the official website of each of my favorite bands. Fortunately for me and others like me, there is a helpful web service out there that keeps me in touch with the new music releases of my favorite bands.

This web service is called ‘Album Reminder.’

Album Reminder 01

Album Reminder is a wonderful web app that is heaven-sent for music fans. The purpose of the application is to send you email notifications whenever one of your favorite bands releases a new music album. On its way of providing this feature, the site ends up providing its users with a lot more. You should start by creating an account on the site and activating it through the link which is emailed to you.

With your account activated, you may begin typing in the names of your favorite bands.

Album Reminder 02

In case you misspell a band’s name, suggestions are shown of bands whose names you might have intended to type originally.

Album Reminder 03

You can keep on adding your favorite artists till your entire list is complete.

Album Reminder 04

If you would prefer to not type out all those music artists’ names, you can alternatively import their names through your iTunes,, and MediaMonkey.

Album Reminder 05

With all your favorite artists added, you can click on the ‘My Releases’ option in the left pane to view the latest music releases from your favorite bands. The right pane is where the new releases are listed. For each release, the album art is displayed and the entries are all sorted according to their release dates.

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Album Reminder 06

When you click on an album’s cover art, its detailed page is opened that includes purchasing links to it. Links are included from various Amazon stores; these stores include,,,, and Relevant news and reviews for the band and album can also be found on the same page.

Album Reminder 07

When new releases are detected after you have setup your account, you are emailed a notification regarding that particular release. You can choose which Amazon store to monitor when it comes to album availability.

Album Reminder 08

If you would like to receive simplified, non-HTML plain text emails, you can do so by specifying the relevant option from your Album Reminder preferences page.

Album Reminder 09

In this simple way, Album Reminder helps you ensure that you never skip the latest music releases from your favorite bands. One possible improvement I could recommend to the site’s developers is letting people import artist lists from their Facebook account or a custom playlist created from a media player like Windows Media Player.

The application is extremely useful nonetheless and it will definitely please all music fans.

You can check out ‘Album Reminder’ by clicking over here.



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