Save Clipboard Text Entries and Reuse them with ‘ClipCube’ [Windows]

People conducting research online often have copy texts off websites and then use them in their projects (hopefully, with proper references). But the problem with copying text to the clipboard is that it is very easy to ‘lose’ copied text if you accidentally copy something over it. Windows’ default clipboard settings allow only one item copied to the clipboard at a time and there are no options to save multiple items.

But thanks to a useful application called ‘ClipCube’, you are now able to reuse any text that you have previously copied to your Windows clipboard.

ClipCube 1

ClipCube is an excellent piece of freeware that helps Windows users enhance add very useful features to their system clipboard. After you first download and install the application, you will find that there are no entries in the app’s window. With the app opened, you can begin copying texts to your clipboard; when you revisit the ClibCube, you will find the copied text present in the window.


You can right click any entry to copy it to the clipboard and then reuse it wherever you want.


Copied URLs appear in a separate category labeled “Links.”


An additional feature of the application is letting users create notes. The notes created appear under the Scratchpad category. Notes are listed in the center top pane and they can be edited in the center bottom pane.


You can optionally add tags to your notes in order to organize them and make it easier for yourself to find them later.


The notes you create can be conveniently used elsewhere by copying them directly to the clipboard. All you need to do is highlight the note and then click on the appropriate button in the top row of buttons.

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If you wish to disable the application, you can do so anytime through its System Tray icon. Just right click the System Tray icon and then click on the Monitor the Clipboard option. This menu is also where you can ‘trim’ copied clipboard text. When you enable the trimming option, any text you copied is removed of beginning and end whitespaces before it is saved to the clipboard.


Overall, ClipCube is a wonderfully useful application that adds a much-needed feature to the Windows clipboard. One improvement that could possibly be made to the application is support for copied images to the clipboard. But if copied text is all that you need to reuse, then this app will serve perfectly.

You can get ClibCube from here.



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