‘MailingCheck’ Scores Emails for Being Potentially Spam [Windows]

Nowadays, I am working on a private website that offers premium services to people who have subscribed to it. Recently, we encountered a rather vexing problem: emails being rolled out from our website were ending up in the recipient’s spam folders.

After a lot of investigating, we concluded that the problem resided in Gmail’s extensive spam filters as the same emails were not being marked as spam on Hotmail or Yahoo. Nonetheless, the entire investigation exercise helped me stumble upon an excellent desktop app for web developers such as myself: ‘MailingCheck.’

MailingCheck 01

MailingCheck is a nifty desktop app that helps its users determine a score for the potential spam nature of an email. The app passes your email through a number of predefined word filters and criteria. Afterwards the application assigns a score to your emails; the closer your score is to “1”, the better your emails are; the closer your score is to “5”, the higher potential they have of ending up in a recipient’s spam folder.

You start by downloading the app’s setup file which is basically a ZIP archive that is sized at nearly 13 MB. After the app has been installed, you can open it and point to the email file which you have locally stored on your computer.

Note that the application only accepts files that have an EML file extension. I found a workaround to this: I saved a regular file with my email’s text as an EML file; I then passed this file onto the app. The side-effect of this workaround was that the app was not able to detect the subject of the email – this should be factored into the results.

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From the screenshot above, you can see what the email’s analysis results look like. The Details section has columns that are titled Score, Type, Reason, and Rule; these columns provide the user with hints as to what the causes are of the email being potentially spam.

You can match your score against a key that is provided on another tab of the application.

MailingCheck 02

The “Help” tab of the application provides a details explanation of the app’s function and lists the scenarios in which its usage can be helpful.

MailingCheck 03

While I found MailingCheck to be an excellent program, developers should keep in mind that there is no definite way of keeping your emails out of the Spam folders of Gmail; unfortunately the service’s extensive spam filter rules are kept hidden from end users which can make it impossible to determine the exact reason of your email ending up as spam.

Nonetheless, this app can be an important part of getting closer to the solution and developers who are using the Windows OS can benefit from it greatly.

You can check out MailingCheck over here.



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