Dumb Ways to Live Hits Android

A catchy song and video, titled “Dumb Ways to Die” from the Australian Metro, designed to raise safety awareness, has done a just a bit more than simply keep citizens safe around the railroad tracks. The music video has been viewed more than 58 million times, as of this writing, but beyond that, the phenomena has spawned a mobile game, first on iOS and now on Android.

September 11 Humby launched a slightly different version of the game to Android, bringing the fun to customers of the Google mobile operating system.

You can grab the new game, which is titled “Dumb Ways to Live”, in either a free or $0.99 version, with the latter coming ad-free. You will need to be using Android 2.0.1 or newer — which shouldn’t be an issue for any device still in use today. There is also a “Dumb Ways to Die” game in which you try to keep the little creatures alive, but if you wish to be rid of them this is the version for you.

download screen

When you launch the game you get a chance to practice first, or you can simply jump in feet first and take your best shot. Practice is recommended.


If you elect to go that route then you will get options for which horrible disaster you would like to try out — plane crash, shark attack, nuclear attack, falling off a cliff and many more ‘dumb ways to die’…ah, ‘live’.


You will learn early on that you need to be quick and that there are tricks to sending the little cartoon characters to their untimely demise.

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Once you have taken your practice runs and are satisfied that your reflexes are ready, then head into the game. You will now be faced with all of the possible scenarios and little time to react to them. Some are easier than others, so the random nature simply makes the game more challenging.


Dumb Ways to Live is a fun little game, and the free version simply displays one small ad at the bottom of the screen. Some scenarios are easy, while others prove to be a real challenge, making it quite difficult to wipe out the characters. Like all games, its more a time-waster than anything else, but still a good way to pass the time when waiting in an airport or such.



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