Tab Resize: Organizes your Chrome Tabs in Custom Style Windows

For Chrome, we have plenty of tab managers available in the web store. It is really helpful for people who work online all the day. We have also reviewed few extensions to easily manage tabs on Google Chrome. Today I came with a new extension called “Tab Resize”, a tab management app which is very helpful for people who use large displays. Normally when we use displays more than 27-inch its pretty easy to use multiple windows on the screen. Tab Resize use that concept to quickly open and view your browser tabs as multiple windows in custom layouts.

You can download Tab Resize from Chrome Web Store using the link below. Once you install the application, you can see the app icon near to the URL bar. When you click that, you can see a list of preset layouts as shown in the screenshot below. Actually, when you select one of the layouts it will automatically open the tabs as separate windows in that format. The windows can be moved and re-sized on your screen for quick access and easy reference.


To create your own layout, there is an option called “Custom” in the Tab Resize window. Once you click that option, you will get a pop up as shown in the screenshot below. The app actually splits your tabs into rows and columns. So based on the number of tabs you have opened, you can select the rows and columns. After entering the values, click “Save” to add that custom  layout to the existing ones. To delete all the custom layouts you have created, just click the “Default” button on the same window.

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This app will be very helpful for people who often switch between different tabs. For web masters, writers and designers, this Tab Resize app will be very useful to refer from other tabs when they are working on a different tab. Also you can watch videos side by side and quickly change the windows to assist you on the work.

The development team has mentioned that, the “Undo” option on the app, has some issues but so far I’ve used there seems to be no problem and it works fine. Also if you have multiple monitors it will work only on the main display. You can manually move the tabs to other displays but by default it will rearrange into a single display. If it sound perfect for your work, give a shot on this extension in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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