Quick Office is Now Available for Android with Google Drive Storage

Following the release of MS Office for Android and iPhone, Google released its Quick office application for Android and iOS devices last week. The features of the app seems pretty interesting and it connects with the Google drive by default. So you can easily edit documents from Google drive,  backup the data and upload new documents quickly. It will be a document viewer and editor for android with cloud support. Instead of having separate applications for documents reading, editing and uploading it to a cloud service, Quick office will be a three-in-one application and access the documents anywhere on your mobile devices.


You can download Quick Office from Google Play Store for free. Once you install the application, it will show all the configured Gmail accounts in your device. Select the one you need to connect with and documents in that Google drive account will be synced with Quick Office by default. An advantage of this application is, you can instantly switch between different Google accounts from the application. So you can access documents from multiple Google drive accounts.


Once the sync is complete, in the homepage you can see the connect Gmail account, Google drive options, recent documents and files in your internal memory and SD Card. In the top menu you have search, new documents and other options will be there. Right now you can create and edit Word documents, Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations using the application. Also there is a PDF viewer to view and edit the PDF documents on the application.

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It is a great application to create simple documents. The options on the documents and spreadsheets helps users to create documents easily on the go. These options also lets you edit the documents from your email account. After editing the documents attach them and easily send the documents from your email accounts. One of the important advantages of linking your Gmail account to Quick Office is, you will get 10 GB extra space on Google drive for free. It is an excellent feature to backup and access all your important files and documents from Google drive.


Quick Office is also available for iPhone and iPad. This app will be very helpful for people who are using android tablets and iPad. So try this on your mobile devices and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download Quick Office for Android

Download Quick Office for iPhone and iPad



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