OkayFreedom Offers an Excellent and Inexpensive VPN Service for Windows

I reside in Pakistan – a country where numerous kinds of websites are blocked by the government. The long list of blocked websites includes YouTube, amongst many other popular websites. When I have to access such sites, I normally have to employ a third party application prior to my browsing, in order to mask my IP i.e. ‘anonymize’ myself online.

So far, my favorite IP-masking application had been SafeIP. I even wrote a review for it over here. However, I have noticed that recently the app takes me to its ‘upgrade’ page and requires me to get the Pro version before I resume my browsing. But if was going to indeed pay for such a service, I would rather go for the highly competent VPN service named OkayFreedom.

OkayFreedom 01

I discovered OkayFreedom only recently. The service basically provides you with VPN functionality which lets you surf the internet through an IP address that belongs to a geographical location of your choosing.

You begin using the application by first downloading and installing its setup file which is sized at nearly 14 MB. With the application installed, you will be able to access its options from its System Tray icon.

OkayFreedom 02

When you right click on the System Tray icon, a menu appears. In this menu, a user is able to change the geographical location from where the app fetches a new IP address for your internet browsing. Currently, the regions that I found available in the menu included Switzerland, Germany, Egypt, Spain, France, Japan, Romanian, Singapore, Turkey, UK, and USA. By providing such a wide array of regions as options, the app ensures your access to sites that are not only blocked by your country but also blocked for your country (by the site’s own administrators) e.g. Hulu.

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Once you equip your computer with OkayFreedom, you may begin freely surfing the internet, uninterrupted, and without worrying about compromising your internet privacy.

There is however, one ‘catch’ to this service: it is not an entirely free one.

The application offers a free package that allows a data capacity of 500 MB. An additional 100 MB is offered for each new user that you refer to the application. Apart from that, you can get opt for the Premium account which will set you back only $29.95 a year – a perfectly economical price for anybody whose work has to do with IT (web developers and social media marketers, in particular).

OkayFreedom 04

If you are going to go for a VPN service, then I highly recommend OkayFreedom. Because of the app’s ease of use and inexpensive cost, you simply cannot go wrong with this VPN.

Visit OkayFreedom’s homepage by clicking here.



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