‘Twittalert’ Delivers Your Twitter Stream to Your Windows Desktop

The Twitter versus Facebook debate is perhaps an inconclusive one. Each social network has its fortes and flaws. There is however, one difference between the two networks which requires attention: on Facebook, it is harder to ‘miss’ content but on Twitter, you could easily miss out on a tweet in your stream.

On Facebook you normally do not like a lot of pages and scrolling down your newsfeed seems to cover all the new content. But on Twitter, because a lot of things are happening in real time, you happen to miss out tweets that could be possibly important. One way around this would be to keep checking back your Twitter stream. But then how will you get other work done on your computer? The solution to this comes in the form of something called ‘Twittalert.

Twittalert 01

Twittalert is a free to use desktop app which can be easily become your default Twitter client for viewing your tweets. The app’s primary function is to deliver tweets from your Twitter stream to your Windows desktop. You may begin using the app by downloading and installing its desktop setup, sized at nearly 0.4 MB. With the app installed, you should authorize it on Twitter and copy the six digit code provided to you. pasting it into the app’s System Tray icon will log you into Twitter through the app.

Your tweets will begin appearing on the right pane of your Windows.

Twittalert 02

Tweet boxes will include links to the tweet along with a link to favorite a tweet. Media and images will be readily loaded into the tweet boxes.

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Twittalert 03

I found that in addition to staying in touch with your Twitter stream, you could test how your own tweets appeared to other Twittalert users. This can be done by using the ‘Show specific Tweet’ option from the app’s System Tray menu.

Twittalert 04

This requires you to type in the id of the tweet you are trying to view.

Twittalert 05

The result is a single tweet loaded appearing on your desktop.

Twittalert 06

In conclusion, Twittalert in one application which Twitter addicts, marketers, and social media experts will be very satisfied with. Hopefully the app’s developers will integrate further interactive options in the tweet boxes in upcoming versions of the app. Till then, Twittalert will do fine just as it is.

In order to begin using Twittalert, first download its Windows setup from here. Afterwards, head over to its Twitter app page by clicking here and provide it with the necessary authorization.



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