Jcropper: ‘Losslessly’ Crop JPEG Images with Custom Aspect Ratios in Windows

Cropping digital images is one image manipulation that almost everybody does. Whether you want to crop that unwanted guy out of the group photo or you want to simply get the aspect ratio of the image right, cropping is an excellently useful feature.

However, one of the disadvantages of cropping images through many image manipulation tools is that the process is not lossless i.e. the resultant image suffers from loss in detail and quality. Here to help remedy this issue by providing you with the ability to ‘losslessly’ crop a digital image is a desktop utility called ‘Jcropper.’


Jcropper is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with Windows computers. The app comes in a portable version along with 32-bit and 64-bit installable versions. After you install the app, you can open your JPG / JPEG images from within the app. Cropping can be carried out easily by ‘drawing’ a rectangle on your image. This is done via a simple click’n’drag of the left mouse button over the image. Once you have the region drawn, you can specify the aspect ratio through the dropdown available in the right most corner of the app’s window. Predefined options are available; you can create your own aspect ratios options as well. The cropped region will resize automatically according to the aspect ratio that you click on.


To view the image more clearly than the default view, you can choose how to display the image’s area which lies outside of your ‘crop box’: available options let you darken the image in three different ways; you can also set the area to simply be colored black, gray, or white.

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Once you have completed editing the image, you can save it in the JPEG image format on your desktop. You will be pleased with the output because it would not have resulted in any quality / details losses.


Other options provided by the application include providing custom hotkeys for various functions in the app.


Multilanguage support is another feature that the app has built into it. Supported languages include English, Greek, Japanese, and Swedish.


Overall, Jcropper provides all Windows users with an excellent way to crop images. Anybody, particularly people dealing with HD photos, will find this app to be extremely useful in cropping digital JPEG images.

You can click here to download Jcropper for 32-bit Windows and here for 64-bit Windows. The app offers a portable version as well that does not require any installation; this portable version can be gotten from here.



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