Encrypt Text and Files Through Passphrases Plus Keys with ‘GnuPT’ [Windows]

Encryption tools are used by various companies and businesses to protect their sensitive information. But the average computer user should be making use of these tools as well particularly when communication confidential / sensitive information to somebody online. For example, if you were going to give a friend your bank account number on IM chat or share your social security number, it would be wise to send them encrypted text instead of plain text.

To encrypt that text or any file you are about to share, you will need a special kind of program made just for the task of encryption. The internet provides a multitude of options when it comes to choosing an encryption tool. But if you want something that focuses more on the security side of things than the ease-of-use, then ‘GnuPT’ is the tool which you are looking for.


GnuPT is a free to use desktop application that I have found to be an excellent encryption tool. This application can encrypt files and texts based on the keys and passphrases you create. In order to share information, not only do you have to share the encrypted text or file, but you also need to share the key or passphrase which you have created.

In order to begin using the application, you should download and install its setup which is sized at nearly 3 MB. With the app installed, you can open it and begin creating your encryption keys. It would be best to provide your email address; this helps WinPT to assist correspondents in selecting the right key when communicating with you – that is right: the app makes use of WinPT.

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Once they have been created, you can share keys with people by right clicking on the key and clicking on the appropriate option.


Once all is setup, you can begin encrypting your data from the app’s System Tray icon. All you need to do is click on to have its menu appear from where you can encrypt content copied to your clipboard or the current window file.


Here is a screenshot of what an encrypted text looks like, outputted from GnuPT (the text was originally a URL):


For GnuPT’s developers, I have a suggestion: try making the application more user friendly. While I, along with other computer users who are familiar with encryption tools, might not face difficulties in using this app, people new to this might feel alienated.

Nonetheless, this is one powerfully useful application that will serve all Windows users’ encryption needs.

You can visit the official website of GnuPT by clicking here. The site’s default language is not English therefore you might find it easier to use the following direct download link for the app: direct download link for GnuPT.



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