How to Automatically Open a Website in Chrome’s Incognito Mode with ‘Incognitorizr’

Websites have found numerous annoying ways to track the online activity of an internet surfing computer user. Take Facebook, for instance. Facebook Like buttons that you click on any website while being logged into Facebook will end up appearing on your timeline or your friends’ newsfeed. If you value your online privacy as much as I do, you would not want your friends to know exactly which webpages you have been surfing.

To disable such site tracking, Google Chrome offers its users the Incognito mode. Basically, when Chrome is in this mode, your browsing history, and everything else that goes with it, is not recorded by the browser. Therefore for websites that you suspect of tracking you online, using the Incognito mode is the best thing you could do. However, when we are in a hurry, we do not remember to open Chrome in Incognito. For times such as those, you will find an extension called ‘Incognitorizr’ to be extremely beneficial.

Incognitorizr 1

Incognitorizr is a free to use browser tool that comes in the form of an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The function of the application is to let you build a list of websites that you want to have automatically opened in Chrome’s Incognito mode. This is an extremely important feature because it protects your online privacy from prying websites, even if you forget to fire up Chrome in Incognito.

To begin, simply install the extension on your browser. You might notice the peculiarly large size of the extension (more than 4 MB); I hope that the developers reduce that size in the app’s upcoming versions.

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With the extension installed, you will find its icon in the browser’s address bar. When you are on a website that you want to have always opened in Incognito mode, click on the extension’s icon and click on the “Add Website” button from the menu that drops down.

Incognitorizr 2

Another way to add sites to the “Incognito list” is to enter the extension’s options. There you are able to simply type the URLs of the site that you want automatically opened in Incognito mode.

Incognitorizr 3

People, who want only certain pages / portions of a site to open in Incognito, will find it very useful to mark the ‘Show Advanced Option’ checkbox in the extension’s options window. This adds regular expression support to the site input field. By using regular expressions, you can selectively open a site’s page in Incognito mode.

Incognitorizr 4

In conclusion, Incognitorizr helps ensure that those pesky tracking cookies do not track you down and compromise your online privacy.

You can get Incognitorizr a.k.a. “Incognito-Filter” from here.



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